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Written by Osman Raif Güneş Updated over a week ago

Customer Devices on

Use your own devices on

May 10, 2021

Customer Devices offers a chance for customers. If you have own devices, and want to connect to them remotely, We are deploying our system to your device lab center.

If you want to use your own devices on Robotic.Mobi:

Write to us


Whatsapp: +90 505 995 68 82

Which features does offer for customer devices?

We are offering manual test, appium remote test and appium inspector for customer devices.

Manual Test

Connect remotely to devices in device labs. Access phones and test your applications. You can reach devices and customer devices.

Appium Inspector

More info about manual test: Manual Test

Appium Remote Test

You can write test codes for Appium using JavaScript, Python, Java etc. Set your appium capabilities then run your codes on device labs.

Appium Inspector

More info about Appium Remote Test: Appium Remote Test

Appium Inspector

Appium is an open-source test platform. You can automate your test, writing test codes for appium. Appium also offers inspector window to inspect elements to find element features like ids, xpath etc.

Appium Inspector

More info about Appium Inspector: Appium Inspector

Other offers on offers test automation tools. If you want to use our test types (Crawler, Appium TestNg etc.) you have to use devices on device labs.

Appium Inspector

More info about our test types: Test Types